Hairdressers Monika

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Hairdressers Monika Beroun – NO NEED FOR BOOKING! 
The only hairdressers in Beroun where you do not need to book in advance..

“A well-chosen modern hairstyle can change you beyond recognition”

About Hairdressers Monika Beroun:
Do you  want to look elegant and trendy every day? Do you just want to look “IN” or need a a professional advice how to take care of your hair? Professional hairdressers in Hairdressers Monika will always help you choose and will create a perfect haircut just for you 

Hairdressers Monika was founded in 2012 and can be found in a historical part in the centre of Beroun.
We also heal hair loss and sell professional hair cosmetics of brands  L´O real, Framesi or german Aiko.

“A team of experienced hairdressers will manage that you will leave us with a feeling of complete satisfaction and your haircut will be your adornment.”


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